Mining Operations

Mining is carried out using the open cut method with a back-filling system using a truck and shovel operation. Overburden removal and coal extraction are more detail

Transportation and Coal Processing

The raw coal is hauled approximately 92 km by rear dump hauling trucks to the coal processing plant at Mumpa, located near to Rumbai Jaya more detail

Barging And Shipping

The coal is reclaimed by bulldozers into six hoppers that are linked to the barge loading conveyor belt. The barge loading capacity at Mumpa is more detail

Welcome to PT Riau Baraharum

PT. Riau Baraharum (RBH) is a private coal mining company based in the Indonesia island of Sumatra.

RBH was established in 1990 and the initial exploration activities commenced in 1992 after the preliminary survey license was granted (there are approximately 50,000 meters of total depth of drill data with full geophysical logging and coal sampling analysis).

On more detail


Professional Care

RBH has a fully-equiped, purpose-built laboratory in Mumpa that provides cargo certification in accordance with international standards.  The laboratory is also used for internal quality control purposes.  It is operated by PT Sucofindo, which is owned by the Indonesian Government in association with SGS and is recognized internationally as a first-class surveyor.

Care of the environment is of primary concern to RBH.  Hence, guidance from the Environment Assessment Document (AMDAL), more detail



RBH holds CCoW mining concession:
  • Legal certainty
  • Long expiry period until year 2035 leads to supply certainty

RBH has integrated and self-supporting facilities: hauling road (public road), stockyards, loading port.

Favorable geographic location - proximity of our location to South East Asia Market:
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Shorter delivery periods to customers


The Riau Baraharum concession, totalling approximately 24,450 hectares, is located some 250km Southeast of Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau Province in Eastern Sumatera. Mining operations are situated in the Indragiri Hulu Regency and the port at Mumpa is in the Indragiri Hilir Regency. more detail


Head Office : 6th Floor, Mayapada Tower, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 28 Jakarta 12920 Indonesia Tel.: (021) 522 5434 Fax. : (021) 522 5432 / 521 2308

Mine Site Office : Jl. Lintas Sumatra Ds. Kelesa Indragiri Prov. Riau Indonesia

Port Site Office : Ds. Sungai Gantang Kec. Kempas Kab. Indragiri Hilir Prov. Riau Indonesia